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We're sharing everything from our favorite pet supplies to advice on pet grooming to basic dog training tips, even DIY home remedies for pet health. New pet owners will especially benefit from our tips on how to search for a breeder, deal with allergies, and assimilate the new pet into the family.
older dog in comfy living room chair
9 Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable for a Senior Dog, According to Veterinarians
Handler Janice Hayes holds Buddy Holly the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen after winning the Best in Show award during the Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Best in Show at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York, on May 9, 2023.
Everyone Loves an Underdog: Meet Buddy Holly, the Surprise Winner of the Westminster Dog Show
dog waiting for food
7 Toxic Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog, According to Veterinarians